An Ode to The GBA Micro - The Best Portable I Never Had

Back during the Game Boy Advance era, I didn’t managed to get any of the variations of the consoles. Not only it was expensive (compared to my allowance) but... well, yep, only because of that. I wasn’t exactly rich.


Anyway, early in its life cycle, I had already resigned myself to the idea of not having one. No one else at school had one, so I didn’t feel peer-pressured to get one nor ostracized for not having one...

But then Nintendo went and did this tasty sandwich:

That thing was an improvement on every aspect of the original (except for the earphones, but nobody used earphones on their GBs back then anyway): Rechargable battery (vs 2 expendable AAs), a more compact (literally pocket-able) and self-protected design, and a illuminated screen. It was like a laptop, or one of these fancy Cell-phones AND NINTENDO KNEW IT.


Here history turns the page and we get the Nintendo DS. It could be literally the Toriyama-esque fusion of both the OG GBA and the SP, with the clamshell design of the latter, and the buttons-on-the-side-of-the-screen of the former... and, of course, the ability to play GBA games, additionally to it’s own ones.



Literal figurative gold
Photo: flickriver

Look at those lines, that finesse, that superior and pixel-crisp back-lit screen, that tiny size!!!

I know That’s Just My Opinion, Man™, but, compared with the DS, the Gameboy Micro is miles ahead the (original) DS and is pound-by-pound, the most cool handheld Nintendo has made.


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