Anime Music Opening Appreciation: Cruel Angel's Thesis [Instrumental]

I’m not a music pro (nor even consider myself a connoisseur) but I would like, in my unprofessional-ness, to try to describe and try to pinpoint why I like this Anime Opening so much.


(I’ll ask you to listen to it once first by yourself, then go back to this text and do it again, this time trying to read along my badly worded description)

Neon Genesis Evangelion

We start with some women’s angelical wail in a nice harmony that keeps low at first and then then goes louder...


Drums!... then (syntetized?) trumpets, bongos and the backing bass and guitar (?)... all the instruments!

Now only the guitar (and maybe the bass?) and bongos for a while...with the drum and Hi-Hat(?) defining the rhythm in the background... this keeps for a while until some trumpets appear briefly and quietly. We hear the voices again for a moment... then disappear for a bit and then again getting louder along the cymbals (?) and drums and the piano...


A new drum sound!, the bass sounds more rhythmically now, the organ tries some scales in the background, more voices are heard now and the organ sounds that start going up... then the trumpets this time louder!

It’s still the same instruments, but the bass has now a more “visible(?)” place, the voices are “participating” more and harmonize(?) more often and the trumpets don’t shy away anymore, we hear some clashing sounds too. The voices pair with the trumpets and the hi-hat beat is more elaborated...


And then all the instruments are back for the end!

Now, s’il vous plaît, go once more, this time again by yourself, and listen to the instruments.


What do you think? Was the third time you heard the music any different from the first?


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