Anime Music Opening Appreciation: Gun X Sword

I’m not a music pro (nor even consider myself a connoisseur) but I would like, in my unprofessional-ness, to try to describe and try to pinpoint why I like this Anime Opening so much.


(I’ll ask you to listen to it once first by yourself, then go back to this text and do it again, this time trying to read along my badly worded description)

Gun X Sword

We start with a sound that... well, sounds like the classic “sword stabs someone” followed by another very recognizable “sharp thing” sound. Some drums and sounds of sticks hitting each other evoke a kid’s swordplay, while some guys voices going up and louder and louder anticipate a big and loud outcome.


A whispered ‘YES, yes yes’ echoes.

Then BAM!, brass, alternating with more drums, and yet another musical up-scale ending with more brass, this time alternating with more clashing wood. Fights come to mind.


Cue guitar riff, with some flute playing along, without forgetting some appearances of the brass but with the flute as the main voice while we still hear more men-fight-cries and then Strings! Some violins while we hear the melody repeating, but this time with the strings added to the mix, this sounds like a western-y, Morricone-y business. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

Some piano “going down”. That “sharp sword” sound again.

A man’s wailing voice that this time sounds calm, additional to the battle cries in the background. Some piano scales at moments. Brass and flute appear briefly but the overall tone keeps going up... the sound of the sword keeps appearing and in the background the flute goes higher and higher...


Then BAM!, brass again, same alternating with drums, and yet another musical scale this time ending with more sticks clashing, fighting, clashing... and finally...

Brass! Brass! Brass!

Now go once more, this time again by yourself, and listen to the instruments.

What do you think? Was the third time you heard the music any different from the first?


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