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Are Android Ports A Good Indicator For Switch Ports?

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The Switch already has VOEZ, Ark: Survival Evolved is supposedly dropping by Fall and, of course, Fortnite is there, too...


Did you know that all these games are (or will be) available on Android, too? So... does this mean that we can predict whether some game will arrive to Switch, by checking whether the game is (or will be) on Android?

I know porting is not a matter of Right-Click->Save-As-Switch-Game, but mobile gaming (as in ‘Phone’ games) is not a common recipient of console games (even if the console is from the PS360 generation)


I write all this because Life is Strange is out on Android now and has controller support!... sure, it’s Unreal-3-based which means it would have to be tweaked like Rocket League and Otulast 2 were because of the engine, but... [insert Switch Pitch (LOL) about being able to take it on the go and then playing it at home]!

What do you thing? Is Life is Strange a type of game that would fit the Switch?

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