Bear With Me: A Chrono Trigger Remake

Blasphemy!” I hear? Chrono Trigger is an ageless, top-tier RPG, found in all the Top-5-SNES-Games lists around the web... how can I even date to suggest such travesty? Well, nobody wants to crash their car but we still have car insurance, so, why not prepare for the worst, by hoping the best?

Art direction

While the sprites don’t look the part that much, the designs of the characters come from Akira Toriyama, who you might also know for his work on Dragon Quest and, more importantly for this post, Dragon Ball.


Imagine the style Arc System Works has managed to refine with Dragon Ball FighterZ, but for the Chrono Trigger characters... Chrono is (looks-wise) pretty much a non-Saiyan Trunks already:

I bet you wouldn’t had noticed Chrono’s face if I hadn’t told you beforehand. [l_lrcpv06ynzglcfqdfvmr,c_scale,w_150,g_west,y_130,x_250,a_-20/e1r8zxxfs6qi7vv3zjfg.jpg]

And let’s imagine how amazing the techs could look that way! Going from this


To (something like) this:



The music doesn’t simply play a second fiddle (pun intended) in the symphony that is Chrono Trigger: It’s key to the whole experience and, while the MIDI tunes themselves are great on their own, we already know how more amazing a fully orchestrated soundtrack would sound:

Spoiler Alert: It sounds great. Chrono Trigger Orchestra Extra

So, what do you think? Is the technology of today advanced enough to make a worthy remake of this Classic?


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