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Elite Beat Agents as my Gateway to New Music


Imagine being in the mid 2000’s. The internet is not yet the behemoth it is today, Blockbuster is the king of a Netflix-less entertainment niche, and mp3 keeps gaining ground against the CD.


And then I read about this “Men In Black but they cheerlead with pop songs” rhythm game.

Elite Beat Agents was released late 2006, with an impressive (for the format) list of 19 tracks, from various artists and musical genres:

  1. Steriogram - “Walkie Talkie Man” (by Jason Paige)
  2. Sum 41 - “Makes No Difference” (by Vinn Lombardo)
  3. Avril Lavigne - “Sk8er Boi” (by Angela Michael)
  4. Freddie Mercury/Queen - “I Was Born to Love You” (by Paul Vician)
  5. Stray Cats - “Rock This Town” (by Mark Latham)
  6. Deep Purple - “Highway Star” (by Kaleb James)
  7. Village People - “Y.M.C.A.” (by TC Moses)
  8. Earth, Wind and Fire - “September” (by TC Moses)
  9. Jamiroquai - “Canned Heat” (by Jason Paige)
  10. Madonna - “Material Girl” (by Melissa Garber)
  11. Ashlee Simpson - “La La” (by Laura Jane)
  12. Chicago - “You’re the Inspiration” (by Julian Miranda)
  13. David Bowie - “Let’s Dance” (by Delaney Wolff)
  14. Good Charlotte - “The Anthem” (by Kevin Ridel)
  15. Hoobastank - “Without a Fight” (by Kevin Ridel)
  16. The Rolling Stones - “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (by Billy Fogarty)
  17. Cher - “Believe” (by Lynn Rose)
  18. The Jackson 5 - “ABC” (by TC Moses and Brittany Kertesz)
  19. Destiny’s Child - “Survivor” (by April Harmony)

Imagine being a kid, with a small knowledge of popular music, and you get handed this summary of genres (funk, jazz-funk, dance-pop, punk, pop-punk, rock, rockabilly, rock-pop, soft-rock, disco...). It’s like a buffet! That you get to listen over and over and over again the song when you fail and retry, just make things better.


Of course, once I could Internet, these were the first albums I looked for.

This low-effort post is part of the Sixtay Days of Writting Challenge. Post Count: 30+18

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