Hoping For Cross Buy From Nintendo

Games ported to the Switch sell, we know that. But there are a lot of Nintendo 3DSeses out there, so there is a chance that people without a Switch will buy the 3DS version of a game...

But what if I want both? (I really like the 3D effect, but I also like to play on a big screen...)


Best answer: Save money and buy both, Duh. But I’m spoiled, so let’s continue. Unlike Sony and the PS4/PS3/Vita thing, Nintendo doesn’t have a policy of Cross Buy, or, “Buy a game for X console and get the Y console version for free”, and while it might be a case of pure greed, if that’s the case, why Sony has it but Nintendon’t?

The one other example is from a 3rd party

Maybe is because making a port between PS4 and Vita was very easy? The Switch and the 3DS are very different, after all (with the two screens and all that), andthe two times when Nintendo has done it, it was done with Wii U and 3DS versions...


Of course, people that really REALLY want both games will double dip, but, would’t be nice if we could have one for free?

How do Android and iOS developer do it? If I buy an app, I can download it for all my devices, forever and ever. I’m happy with this, but, are these developers really ok with it?


It’s unlikely that we get a true 3DS successor, so 3DS versions of games will keep appearing for a very short time, why not?

What do you think? If we keep getting more dual 3DS/Switch versions, would you buy both if one of these were free?


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