Illustration for article titled I Like Metal Gear Solid More Than I Hate Konami

Well, I don’t actually hate Konami, but you get the idea.

Much has been joked about Konami, A.K.A. the Pachinko Developer Powerhouse, and now (like Valve) it doesn’t make games anymore (which except for the PES soccer franchise and Bomberman, it might be considered true). There is also the beef with Kojima, and the whole management of the Metal Gear IP.


But I liked Metal Gear Solid 3 (on the 3DS) and I would like to be able to play the rest of the games of this series (without having to hunt for old consoles). So, if the stars align and Konami gives us a port of the MGS HD Collection, you bet I’ll get that (Moreso if it’s on Switch) even if I’m supposed to hate Konami.

F#ck the ‘F#ck Konami’ thing, just give me Snake.

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