After 7 years, Bayonetta is coming to Steam. A lot of people will be happy, since their other options were the versions of Xbox 360, a not-quite-good PS3 port, or a digital Wii U version.

They will also remember that Bayonetta 2 remains a WiiU exclusive. I Love this GIF, btw.

Anyway, browsing through the Comments Sections of yore, I couldn’t but smile when reading some of the old (2014!) comments from the articles about the WiiU versions’ Nintendo-based costumes:

On a Platinum-developed new Star Fox (revealed to be the case on June 2015)


Whether they did buy it or not, it will remain a mystery.

On additional Nintendo-themed costumes


Bayonetta as a Playable DLC character in Smash Bros was revealed on December 2015. With her, Sakurai gave us this (can’t really say “unintended”) marvel:

So that’s all! Have you ventured into the depths of the Kotaku Archives and found something that made you feel like a time traveler?