Inevitable Ports: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD For Switch


It is inevitable. Capcom has a lot of good and well-known IPs. MegaMan, Resident Evil, Street Fighter...That we’ll have Phoenix Wright on the Switch is not a matter of IF but of WHEN and HOW.

And for an HD Trilogy, the work is already half done:

Not optimal, but serviceable
Graphic: Apple

Other than a slightly different screen ratio, the iOS version is a very likely demonstration of what we can expect from Capcom in the near future. This would be the minimum we could get, and if we’re still getting a completely new game in the future, at least one Trilogy would make sense if directed towards people new to the series.

Of course, despite some bad practices (*Cough* *Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers* *Coug*), sometimes Capcom has nice surprises (like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection). Maybe they could add HD Rumble for each desk slam, objection and cup-to-the-face?

What do you think? You’ve probably played these already, would you buy this again?


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