Japan And Mexico TV: Niños En Crecimiento (大きくなる子 Ōkiku Naru Ko)

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Mexico has a long love story with Japanese shows, and like love, it usually takes different forms, and like that, in the late 80's it took the form of an edutainment show called “Niños en Crecimiento” (“Ōkiku naru Ko” - “Kids growing up”).


In the 80's, some educative NHK shows were dubbed and broadcasted in Latin America, and “Ōkiku naru Ko” was just one of these. It was aimed to smaller kids, so it featured themes like general moral, and behavior at school and with friends, so a lot of then-kids did grow with this puppet show and came to know for the first time what a rice ball is.

However, some people more recently will recognize this show for Kenta the monkey, A.K.A. this regional reaction image/meme “Komo lo Zupo” (“How Did He/She Know?”):

“Pedro” in the Latin American Dub

And here is one of these episodes:

Had you seen this monkey kid before? ¿Alguien más se acuerda o nomás yo estoy viejo?


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