Japan And Mexico TV: ¿Puedo hacerlo yo? (できるかな Dekirukana?)

Gonta-kun (Jun Imura, Left) and Noppo-san (Ei Takami, Right)
Screenshot: Ovejanegra

Mexico has a long love story with Japanese shows, and like love, it usually takes different forms, and like that, in the late 80's it took the form of an edutainment show called “¿Puedo hacerlo yo?” (“Dekirukana” - “Can I do it?”)

A Samurai Cardmour
Photo: Me llega al pincho

As I wrote before, in the 80's, some educative NHK shows were dubbed and broadcasted in Latin America, and “Dekirukana” was yet another one. This time aimed to older kids (so they could use scissors and tape), featured Noppo-san (a person) and Gonta-kun (a... gopher, apparently) making toys with household materials like paper rolls, pieces of string, and so.

Photo: Nintendo

I want to believe that we, as kids that grew with shows like these, may appreciate these kinds of “interactive” entertainment, where get to build something with our own hands, and then play with it, a little more fondly that new generations; the media has changed a little (Tv vs Youtube), and sure enough, now we can add software to the mix, like the Nintendo LABO, and not depend entirely on our imagination, but the core feeling is to see something fun, and ask oneself, Can I do it?

And finally, if you felt some kind of Déjà vu after seeing Gonta-kun, don’t worry! you might be thingking of Bonta-kun, from Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu  

Fu-mo. Fu-mo-fu. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

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