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I don’t like reviews (or, maybe I should say ‘professional’ movie reviews?); after all, why should I trust the tastes of a stranger, that literally gets paid to see movies?* Maybe I’m just angry at pople that try to tell me what to do (or what to not-watch)? I usually still watch the movies despite hearing that “they’re bad” (Assassins’ Creed) and go very skeptically to watch “good” movies (Split).


But, wouldn’t be hypocrisy on my part to Review something then? Yes, it would, so, for this “review”, instead of using phrases “sixth-grade sketchbook” or Lacks Majesty”, I’ll just write, in a bulleted list, what I thought of some parts, and why I liked them or not.

I’ll try to not spoil things (‘cuz I also don’t like spoilers).

  • TL;DR: I liked it. I’ll buy it on BluRay once it’s available.
  • First disclosure: I’m a big Dino Fan. Remember Timmy and Gray (the smaller kids in 1 and 4)? I’m 100% those kids when I was their age, so I’m definitely biased.
  • Several non-mainstream dinosaurs appear. I really liked that.
  • There are several plot points that you’ll see coming like if they were Brachiosaurus (from miles away), but I liked that it wasn’t very obvious.
  • There are several plot points that will surely be part of the next Jurassic World. I don’t really like the teasing, given that it’s still a lot of time before the next movie.
  • Lowery didn’t return. I really liked how he was the Audience Surrogate in the first movie, but I understand why he wasn’t necessary anymore.
  • New ‘sidekicks’ with very different personalities. I liked that they didn’t lack screen time.
  • In all movies, security has been a problem, and it’s not different here (otherwise we wouldn’t have a movie) but there are still times where people make the right thing. I really liked that.
  • Related to that, like in real life, sometimes you can do only so much and things have consequences. I liked that it was kinda addressed on the movie.
  • This is the first movie from Bayona I’ve seen. I’m now curious about his other films.
  • I really have to admit some ‘bad-guy-thinking’ has a lot of sense.
  • I thought about the previous Jurassic World and The Lost World, but I can’t say they’re a retelling.
  • I liked the feeling of fear, in some parts, despite knowing who would die (or who wouldn’t). I didn’t feel that way on any of the previous movies.
  • One scene made me think we need something between PG-13 and R. Or maybe we need PG-13 be a little bit less PG and more... R?
  • Is in my Top 3 Jurassic movies.

*I don’t actually know how professional reviewers are paid

In retrospective, things are harder to explain without spoiling. What do you think? Have you seen this?


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