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Have you ever wanted to do a header image for a TAY article by overlaying another image on top, and then you needed to overlay yet another picture?

Kinja uses an Image Management service that is capable of doing URL-based transformations on the images it uses, so, we can use that feature to easily resize overlay two of them, and then add another one without having to manually download them, edit them, and upload them!


Let’s see the steps I took to make the image on top. It’s composed of these three images:

If you’ve been keeping with my other Kinja Image Tricks articles, you know the drill (and it not, shame on you) so I’ll make this quick and paste the final URL already:,x_-200,y_-170,w_400/l_ry1uvkhk6itqdioqm6bd,x_200,y_170,w_400/h7977ijajjzwbtgk89m0.jpg


You can see that, between the upload/ and the /ImageID of the Base Image, we added the l_ thingy for overlaying a picture, and then added another one on top of it (well... technically to the right of another “/”). This way we don’t need to copy and paste the first composite image in order to get a new ImageID for it (like we did before. Sorry for that :P).

You can also see, of course, that we added different Width (w_), X Position (x_) and Y Position (y_) modificators to each overlaid image; if we hadn’t, we would have ended with this:


And, of course, you’re not limited to overlays:


I hope you find this useful! You can try it in the comments!

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