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Have you ever inserted a picture on a Kinja comment (or an image on a post) and turns out it’s either TOO BIG or too small?


Kinja uses an Image Management service that is capable of doing URL-based transformations on the images it uses, so, we can use that feature to easily resize them, without having to manually download them, edit them, and upload them!

Let’s suppose you already inserted/pasted an image:

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Rigth-click on it and select “Open image in in a new tab”.

If you take a look to the URL, you’ll notice there’s something in it like:


That bold string of text (ImageID) is what identifies this single picture.

In order to modify the size, we’ll add “c_scale,w_800” (without the quotes) between “upload” and the ImageID so it ends like :



Where the number after w_ is the new width of the image. Remember to keep the rest of the URL intact!

And we don’t even need to hit Enter! Just copy the URL and paste it in the Comment (or Sixtay days of Writting post) to insert a resized image!


I hope you find this useful! You can try it in the comments!

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