Local Site News: Changes to Starring Posts


You might have noticed that now you can’t ‘star’ articles like before anymore: you now ‘Save (this article for later) and instead of a Star, we have the standard Bookmark icon. You can see it for yourself on the top-right part of this same article.

If you click it, you’ll see a “Save Successful! View all saved articles on your profile page” notification, which will send you to your “Saved Articles”, née “Recommended articles” page.


What does this implies? Right now, nothing but “tomayto/tomahto” syntax thingy, but what about the psychological one? “Starring” was the Kinja-equivalent of a Facebook “Like”, or something akin to “I agree with this point of view”. In the main (Giz, Kotaku, Jalopnik) sites, you could gauge the ‘quality’ of an article before clicking it by seeing how many stars it had.

Now by changing it to a ‘mere’ bookmark, will there be a difference? The comments are still being “starred” and you can sort then by “popularity” A.K.A. the number of stars, but what will happen if the change also reach the comments?

Kinja giveth, and Kinja taketh away.

This low-effort post is part of the Sixtay Days of Writting Challenge. Post Count: 30+24

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