Lost Dubs: When Piracy Is The Only Option

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t want his sounds like I’m trying to condone piracy in general since this is a scenario very specific to my region (DVD Region 4), but yeah, I’m basically doing that.


Let’s suppose I want to watch the first Pokémon Movie with its Latin American dub... I check the streaming services available in my region... Nothing. I check the web retailers available in my region... Nothing!


What is ‘the right thing to do’ regarding Copyright when what I care for is a very specific sub-set of the Copyrighted material? Because while I could watch the movie legally (but in English) either by streaming or BluRay, what happens when I’m interested in a dub that is no longer ‘in print’?

Pokémon: The Movie is not the only example of several ‘dub-release-neglected’ franchises that I can’t legally acquire nowadays, but is significant since it’s a relatively famous IP (and the TV series’ dub is forever available at Netflix). But what about more ‘rare’ seires?: There is Leiji Matsumoto’s (of Interstella 5555 fame) ‘The Arcadia Of My Youth’ movie that I remember from when I was a kid... or the underrated Akira Toriyama’s comedy ‘Arale/Dr. Slump’... and it’s not only Anime that is missing! The Joy of Painting and Beakman’s World don’t have official dubs available.


And the worst is that the problem can happen to recent series and movies, too. The Legend of Korra’s four seasons were (apparently) dubbed to Latin American Spanish but the BluRay of the fourth (and only the fourth) book doesn’t have the dub available. Compare and Contrast with the mercifully complete previous series (Avatar, The Last Airbender) that does include it.


The Piracy ‘culture’ (can’t find a better way of calling it) here in Mexico is already very ingrained

Pirate it. Download it and re-upload it. Keep Circulating the Tapes. It is sad but it’s the only way these things will be preserved.

What do you think? If the Copyright holders don’t plan to preserve that part of their IP, what should we do?


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