More Photo Modes Plz

Beautiful destruction

You are in a beautiful scenario, one that not only is pushing your next-gen machine to his max to render it, but one that has a beautiful foliage, shadows, and the magazine-cover-worthy looks of your characters...

...but you’re busy beating the baddies.

God Of Noir

I’m not a game developer, or even a professional artist, but I feel like, if I was, I would like the world to see the results of my hard work. It must be sad to think that all the time spent in that locale will be spent on showing it only for five seconds on a cutscene...

Let´s rest our sight on that out-of-focus tree

While one can usually take their time and admire the graphics of a game by playing “normally”, the Photo Modes give the user (when well-done) a way better option to do so, and usually a superior in every aspect: from changing the camera position, to adding filters, or even tweaking the facial expression of the moment...

Without it, did you care about the detail of this ^ watch before?

So, artists! developers! Make yourselves heard! You should be proud of your work, and that’s Ok, so please give us tools to appreciate that!

Far from perfect, but I’ll forgive it since it probably started with the WiiU’s limitations.

So, What do you think? Do you use the Photo Modes? Did you use it to find 2B’s secret?


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