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It was like getting Ice Cream when I was expecting a Steak. I do like both but... I just wanted steak...


I mean, the song is definitely not bad, but not what I was expecting for an Opening.

At the time of the publication of this article, little of the fourth ending is not known, except that it’s called “Requiem der Morgenröte” and that it will be performed by Linked Horizon. This has fired several theories about how Isayama loves to troll the fandom (like, by swapping OP and ED) and re-ignited chatter on which plot points will be spoiled/revealed on it.


I’ve wondered before how the Audio aspect of the Amine is planned or decided (Voice actors, Soundtracks and Opening and Ending songs) and I reckon I must wait for us having both to properly give my opinion, but, after the three previous ones from Linked Horizon, this one just feels... weird. It is strange to see Eren, Armin and Mikasa so happy and carefree, just for all of this to go Shiganshi... south in the episode proper; LH’s openings have a distinct ‘flavor’ (not sure how to call it) with its chorus, the brass instruments, drums and all, that gives these a fighting, military-like vibe that fits the show like a key fits a basement lock.


Red Swam has a very different ‘flavor’ that, however, is not strange to the show; we’ve seen (heard?) this with the first Ending (Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai, which is my personal favorite because both the visuals and music).

BUT! I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had heard something very similar before, and I knew that knowledge was what made Red Swan sound just weird...


Until I remembered:

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