NieR:Automata has a lot of endings. Here I’ll be writing about the “final” one. IF YOU HAVEN’T EVEN PLAYED NIER:AUTOMATA... first:WHY? GO PLAY IT. And second, STOP READING.



Ok. If you made it so far, it means that I can write freely, but also that you already know what I’m going to write. These are just my feelings on this thing that I think it’s really cool.

Remember how Ending E meant shooting/hacking through the End Credits? Remember the countless times you didn’t give up?


Remember when you realized that you won’t be able to make it?


Then you start seeing “support” messages. “Don’t give up!” “I know it’s difficult”. At first, I thought these were from the developers, until I noticed they were from different countries.

Then, a “Rescue offer” is, well, offered to you.

You might reject it several times. You have your pride. But you keep failing. And then you accept the offer.


Then everything it’s easier! Surely there moral here is “if you can’t succeed alone, don’t reject help”. And once you finish, you can enter your own message for the other players. You might make it silly, cryptic, or you can try to use it to make other players understand that they can be helped.

But at the very end, you get asked a final question. You are told that you, too, can help someone else, BUT! you will lose all your data!


Of course, you don’t have to, and, applying some logic, the very first person to beat the game had it to do without help (or with covert “help” from the developers).

But after all the game, after seeing how the machines are already pretty much human, after witnessing what war does to the “people” in it, after seeing the blurry line of what makes humans “humans”, you become be part of it. All the weapons, the information you collected, all “your memories” are deleted. Only your name and, as the game puts it, your Will to help someone remains.


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