On A Psychological Basis For The Human Side Of The Console Wars

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What is the core of the Console Wars? Comparing one console with another, and determine a “winner”, right?


But who puts them to fight?

I have always been a Nintendo-centric gamer for the very simple reason that consoles cost money, and I usually haven’t had enough money to invest on more than one console per generation (or per two generations. Sorry GameCube!) so the second console I ever had, I had to buy it with my own money.


But what happens when someone else has the other console?

Because you made the right decision to buy your console (why would you spend your hard-earned money on the wrong one?), therefore, the other person took the wrong decision. Of course, that other person thinks you took the wrong decision... and tries to convince you of it. So, Type of Media, TFLOPS and Resolution arguments are thrown go and forth...


But! If you had chosen the other console, and the other person had chosen the opposite one? It would be still the same!

Because we don’t fight for (console) power, resolution, or exclusives, but for the validation of our decisions! We don’t defend A or B console, but we defend the reasons we took for choose A or B. The attacks to the console we choose are attacks to ourselves... and this only happens when we can only buy only one console per generation.


Because if we had enough money to buy all consoles, would it matter which console is “better”? Of course not, since we would already have all of them.

What do you think? Do you have more than one console? Do you defend your reasons for choosing one console?


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