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Question: How Do You Sound Anime?

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Most Anime is adapted from a previous work, be Visual Novel or “regular” Manga. But, have you ever wondered what goes into that “conversion”?


The voice actors are the most apparent and probably important thing that makes an Anime different from a Manga, but, how’s decided how each character sound? Not all characters will be Chibi-Ojou Rie Kugimiya.... and the Dubs are easy because you cast someone that sounds like the Original* VA, but, how’s that original decision made?

(*I think Goku might be the only instance where this don’t happen)

And the music? Even if a Voice Actor voices different characters in different series, the music is very specific for each Anime:

And we’re not talking about Openings yet (which can still change between arcs) How do you set the type of Music an Anime has? You might accept a Goku with a different voice, but can you imagine Dragon Ball Z with a different music?


And yes! the openings (and the artist/band that sing them) are also important! Can you imagine Attack on Titan with an opening from anyone that’s not Linked Horizon?

Who decided “hey, let’s go with Linked Horizon instead of, say, Chemistry”? (I’m not complaining, I just want to know how these decisions are made)


What do you think? Have you ever wondered about the decisions that had to be made when they adapt a Manga?


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