Rant: Capcom's Split Games - Part 1

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I kinda understand Capcom splitting the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 from the first one; after all, the development time between them was not short, and a lot of things could have changed...


I understand, economically speaking, splitting the Resident Evil: Revelations Collection on Switch; having both games on the cart could have meant a higher price for the Physical release, and maybe something similar to Resident Evil 2 for the N64 

But why split the X Legacy Collection?

Unlike the first Legacy Collection, both of these are released at the same time, and the first games take relatively little space (being SNES games). But the worst is that, even if the Switch version (~10GB) is too big for an 8GB game card, and a 16GB card is too costly for Capcom, WHY the Disc versions (PS4 and XBoxOne, for example) come each on one 25GB BluRay Disc? Both of them could fit easily on one single disc!


Also, I’ve heard that the best games are in the 1st part of the Collection, Why risk people not buying the second part by splitting it in two? Why not release all these games in a single one, forcing them to buy the games they don’t want?

There is still more rant from where this came from, but I’ll save that for:


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