Rémi Sans Famille - Trailer - France 2018

Rémi Sans Famille is the upcoming adaptation of the French novel by Hector MalotSans Famille” (Without Family).

But what has this to do with TAY, Anime or Gaming?

With Gaming, nothing (=P) but the originalnovel has been adapted as Anime before (twice!), although the more famous (in a sense) was Remi: Nobody’s Boy (Ie Naki Ko) in the late 70's.


That series and its impact in Latin America will be addressed in a later article, but meanwhile, this means that, in a sense, we’re getting another Anime Adaptation soon!

What do you think? Will this be a good (technically) Anime adaptation? Had you heard about Remi and Mr. Vitalis before? If so... Don’t spoil, please!

This low-effort post is part of the Sixtay Days of Writting Challenge. Post Count: 25


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