Rhythm Tengoku, or, Music Is Universal

Japanese GBA Boxart

The Rhythm Heaven (Rhythm Paradise in Europe) games are a series of Rhythm Games (in case it wasn’t evident) that have appeared internationally in the Nintendo DS, Wii and 3DS systems...

But all they started with Rhythm Tengoku (リズム天国), exclusively in Japan.

I bet the text says something funny, tho...

What I really like about this game is that, despite being in Japanese, almost all the levels of the game can be played without the difficulty spike a different language usually entails, because most of the audio and visual cues are language-independent (a monkey’s “eeeeek”, a previous character in a row clapping, a “+” and an “A” icons indicating the buttons) and even where there are audio cues in Japanese, one can easily learn that “meeeee” means “right” and “beeee” means “left” by trial and error.

So this lefts us with the music itself (not to be confused with songs, that is, words with music) that, as a combination of sounds, can be enjoyed (and played, pun intended!) in any language.

(This still has good songs, BTW)

Have you played this? Or any of the Rhythm games? Have you ever played a game where you don’t understand anything?


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