Attack on Titan Season 3 is finally here, and we already know it will be a titanregular sized, 24-Episode season, so there is a question we might need to ask ourselves:

Should I watch it week by week, or wait and binge it all at once?

So here I present my thoughts on both options. I’ll assume you already watched the first 2 seasons but that you haven’t read the manga parts timed after these, but even considering that, I Won’t Spoil things:

Weekly Watching


+You avoid spoilers and can engage in civilized discussions about the most recent and fresh episode with other fans. 
+You can make and see all the memes you want about it for six months.
+You have one thing more to look forward to once a week


-24 weekly episodes means 6 months from beginning to end, so unless you live in Japan (or resort to illegal means) you need a Premium account to watch it the day it goes live, which means 6 monthly payments.
-You still need to wait 7 titan-sized days between each episode (Though compared with the colossal-sized wait between S1 and S2, or even the smaller one between S2 and S3, it might not seem too bad)
-You still need to watch it on the time/hour it is released, or not long after it, lest you be spoiled.
-You can still be spoiled by people that already read the Manga.

Binge Watching


+You can watch the whole season in under a day (24 Ep X ~20 min/ep = ~480 min = ~8 hours) which in itself may be considered a Pro.
+A 8-hour timeslot means you only need, at worst, one 1-month Premium subscription, or at best, one 15-day Premium Free trial.
+Even if you have all the episodes available, you still can decide to watch, say, one episode per day,



-You’ll need to be wary of the internet for 6 months if you don’t want to be spoiled
-You’ll need to wait for 6 months until you can even start binging (that’s only half the wait between S2's end and S3's start!)

So, what do you prefer? Did I miss some Cons and Pros?

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