Skyrim: A Very Special Edition, or, The Second Coming of Adventure Games

Go figure; what started as a joke (“LOL, Todd Howard wants to sell me 100 versions of Skyrim”) turned out to be a real (albeit very limited product): Skyrim: Very Special Edition is a version of the game that can be played via voice commands on Alexa devices.

But what if this is only the beginning?

Non being a native English speaker (and lacking a computer, too), Kid Me always considered interactive fiction games as something futuristic but that I would definitely not be able to play ever. Kid Me also preferred Mario, so I never got into these “games”.

Graphic: BIG

But now Adult Me knows better.

Whether these can be considered tech’d-up versions of the “Choose your own adventure” books or not, the main idea (a narrative that lets you decide the outcome and path) is still based on Text (and images, in occasions) that requires the visual attention of the user.


But now we’re in the future!, so, why not port the classics to the digital Assistants?

Kids I would like to be able to say “Ok, Google, let’s play [whatever game]” and play it while I’m sweeping the floor, or during exercise, or while I’m in the waiting room...


Some kids people get sick if they read or watch a screen during a car trip; why not ending the boredom with a textvoice adventure?

So what do you think? Is now the time for the return of these ancient games? Is there already anything like this that I’m missing?


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