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I did it! I made it to the final day of the SixTAY Days of Writing Challenge!

The Background

Initially, I wasn’t really planning to do this challenge; I (ambiguously) asked if scheduling posts beforehand was allowed and then I was already in the participant’s list 😅.


Also, additionally to the ‘core’ challenge (write and publish one article on TAY every day for 60 days) I had some additional challenges thanks to some local policies: I could write these only during typical hours and days of work in an office (9 to 5, give or take one hour, and only Monday through Friday), while no local files can be used/uploaded, and Youtube is not available.

Even if my 9-5 workload was temporally forgiving enough to have time to write, this made me use some workarounds: For the weekend articles, I had to write three articles (or more, if it was a Long Weekend) on Friday so two of these could be automatically published on Saturday and Sunday. For the header images, I had to resort to what was already available on the internet, and to use the tricks I’ve mentioned in the Kinja Image Tricks posts to create what I needed. And for the lack of Youtube, I just had to check these on my phone to be sure these were the ones I was linking, while reducing the number of posts that used it.


The Lessons Learned

It wasn’t easy, but it was mostly enjoyable. And I discovered several things too!

  • I always had Ideas to write about.
    As recommended in the Challenge’s post, I kept a list of some ideas for the articles I could write, but daily news and themes kept the ideas coming. Did you heard that God Of War is getting a Photo Mode? I wrote about how there are not enough Photo Modes. Someone almost crashed their car during my commute? I wrote about how I react to that. I bought a PS4 after years of being a Nintendo-only gamer? I wrote about (what I think) what makes us attack other consoles.
  • I don’t always knew how to elaborate on these ideas
    Like how I was moved by the “final” thing on the E ending of Nier:Automata, but it was difficult to write something that (I thought) would be interesting for other people. Or like how I liked the graphical style of Dragon Ball FigtherZ and wondered about a Chrono Trigger remake with that style... but, how to stretch those two lines of text into a full-blown article?
  • Research means Going Down the Rabbit Hole
    IRL, I discovered that “Nothing is ‘Simple’ at all”. I had the raw ideas on my mind, but I didn’t want to spew misinformation or misremembered facts, so for my Ode to The GBA Micro, I researched dates and characteristics and I looked for pictures that served my purpose; For “The Generation Of Feedback” I had to research on these consoles’ initial presentations, and then the current state of things. This repeated on most of the articles in different ways.
  • The Train of Thought moves on rails
    I found that, for articles that implied a strict line of reasoning, like the series on The Problems of a Nintendo 64 Mini and the step-by-step Tutorial-like nature of the Kinja Image Tricks series, writing was A LOT easier to me, and I could easily elaborate on the ideas.
  • Practice Makes Perfect, but Documentation Makes Tamalesyatole Happy
    I used the Kinja Image Tricks on a lot of images, and the more I used them, it was easier for me to do what I wanted to do... BUT, I still wrote down (usually as captions inside the very images) how I did that, so I didn’t forget.
  • The simpler the trick, the more useful it is
    Not entirely related to the Kinja Image Tricks (although w_600 was very uselful), I always ended every article with something like “This post is part of the Sixtay Days of Writting Challenge. Post Count: 30 + 30which had the double purpose of serving me as an indicator of how many articles I had already written, but thanks to June being 30 days long, it also served to easily manage and schedule which article was programmed to go to what day (e.g. 30 + 16 was the 42th article, for July 16th)
  • Scope Creep is a Bitch
    For the Kinja Image Tricks - Reference Page, I decide it was a good idea to have little examples of what every modifier and option did. Boy, was I wrong. I mean, it was the right thing to do for a Reference Page, but each of these small examples had to be fine-tuned three or four times each. Same for “Now’s The Time For More ‘Costumes’ In Smash” and its 25 thumbnails, a lot of which weren’t easy to come by. And, of course, the Nintendo 64 Mini ‘article’ ended as a 4-part series!
  • “Perfect” is the enemy of “good”
    Sixty articles had to be written for this challenge, and some corners, like post quality, had to be cut, so I took the advice of “It’s more important to write something for this challenge than it is for that thing to be super long or brilliantly written. Don’t be embarrassed about making something that you aren’t 100% happy with” so sometimes, when I had to write three (or four) articles to cover the weekend days, I just went with the “Shitpost” or “Here is a video” excuse; Sometimes it was lazy and bad, like “Saturday [Shit]posting: Dragon Ball Super Cumbia” or “Nintendo Must Be Thanos [Shitposting]”; Sometimes it was not bad, but just ‘lazy’, like “Youtube Channel Recommendation: Retro Game Mechanics Explained” which is a channel I do really enjoy, but it certainly made the post easy to finish.

The Verdict


Complete list of articles:

Tamalesyatole’s SixTAY Days Of Writting - End of Challenge - 7/30/18 2:00pm
Thoughts on Shingeki no Kyojin’s Red Swan - 7/29/18 6:00am
Watch This - Nichijou X Attack on Titan - 7/28/18 4:00pm
An Ode to The GBA Micro - The Best Portable I Never Had - 7/27/18 5:08pm
Season Binging vs Weekly Waiting - 7/26/18 3:55pm
The Masked Luchador Theme in Videogames - 7/25/18 5:08pm
Local Site News: Changes to Starring Posts - 7/24/18 1:24pm
The Dark Secret Behind Dragon Ball Z Super - 7/23/18 6:30pm
Kinja Image Tricks - Distort - 7/22/18 10:00am
The Music Would I Use For An Elite Beat Agents 2 - 7/21/18 10:00am
Local News Reporting - Walmart Mexico to Deliver Produce, too. - 7/20/18 3:24pm
Are Android Ports A Good Indicator For Switch Ports? - 7/19/18 10:01am
Elite Beat Agents as my Gateway to New Music - 7/18/18 2:35pm
Nier: Automata, review: a wonder yo’ll want to play again and again - 7/17/18 12:10pm
The Hurdles Of Gaming In Another Language - 7/16/18 12:55pm
Kirby Mass Attack HD Remake... Or Is It? - 7/15/18 10:00am
I Like Metal Gear Solid More Than I Hate Konami - 7/14/18 12:50pm
Kinja Image Tricks - Reference Page - 7/13/18 1:00pm
The Fun of Small Dubber Pools - 7/12/18 6:00pm
NieR:Automata - 7/11/18 12:45pm
Now’s The Time For More ‘Costumes’ In Smash - 7/10/18 10:37am
Kinja Image Tricks - Combine Tricks - 7/09/18 10:00am
The Instant Joy of Old Gaming - 7/08/18 10:00am
Kinja Image tricks - make transparent - 7/07/18 10:00am
Japan And Mexico TV: ¿Puedo hacerlo yo? (できるかな Dekirukana?) - 7/06/18 12:03pm
The Problems of a Nintendo 64 Mini - Part IV - The Price - 7/05/18 5:45pm
The Problems of a Nintendo 64 Mini - Part III - The Games - 7/04/18 3:00pm
The Problems of a Nintendo 64 Mini - Part II - Hardware - 7/03/18 2:20pm
The Problems of a Nintendo 64 Mini - Part I - Controllers - 7/02/18 5:00pm
Rant: Capcom’s Split Games - Part 2 - 7/01/18 10:01am
Rant: Capcom’s Split Games - Part 1 - 7/01/18 10:00am
Inevitable Ports: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD For Switch - 6/30/18 10:00am
The Generation Of Feedback - 6/29/18 4:45pm
The Only Think I Want For Smash Ultimate Is A Better Screenshot Mode - 6/28/18 4:00pm
Tiny Wholesome PSA: Thumbs Up IRL things - 6/27/18 4:00pm
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Review (Kinda) - 6/26/18 7:00pm
Rémi Sans Famille - Trailer - France 2018 - 6/25/18 10:00am
Saturday [Shit]posting: Dragon Ball Super Cumbia - 6/24/18 10:00am
Question: How Do You Sound Anime? - 6/23/18 10:00am
Anime Music Opening Appreciation: Cruel Angel’s Thesis [Instrumental] - 6/22/18 10:00am
Rhythm Tengoku, or, Music Is Universal -6/21/18 10:00am
Anime Music Opening Appreciation: Gun X Sword - 6/20/18 5:05pm
Game Pitch: Assassin’s Creed: Independencia - 6/19/18 4:05pm
Tropes Are Good: The Recap Episode - 6/18/18 6:20pm
Nintendo Must Be Thanos [Shitposting] - 6/17/18 4:20pm
Youtube Channel Recommendation: Retro Game Mechanics Explained - 6/16/18 10:00am
Kinja Image Tricks: Text Overlay (A.K.A. Image Macro Meme) - 6/15/18 6:00pm
Hoping For Cross Buy From Nintendo - 6/14/18 5:40pm
Skyrim: A Very Special Edition, or, The Second Coming of Adventure Games - 6/13/18 4:40pm
Have Some High-ish Resolution Images Of The Smash Roster... - 6/12/18 3:50pm
Rushed Up Article On My Nintendo E3 Predictions - 6/11/18 6:00pm
Crossing My Fingers For Surprises This E3 - 6/10/18 10:00am
More Photo Modes Plz - 6/09/18 11:00am
Bear With Me: A Chrono Trigger Remake - 6/08/18 4:00pm
Lost Dubs: When Piracy Is The Only Option - 6/07/18 7:00pm
Why Microsoft Has Not A Switch-like device Yet? - 6/06/18 6:00pm
Japan And Mexico TV: Niños En Crecimiento (大きくなる子 Ōkiku Naru Ko) - 6/05/18 11:30am
Kinja Image Tricks: Overlay - 6/04/18 4:30pm
Videogame Movies: Edge of Tomorrow - 6/03/18 4:30pm
On A Psychological Basis For The Human Side Of The Console Wars - 6/02/18 4:30pm
Kinja Image Tricks: Resize - 6/01/18 4:30pm


This post is the final post of the Sixtay Days of Writting Challenge 2018. Post Count: 30 + 30

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