The Fun of Small Dubber Pools

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Not the full-of-water pool type of pool, but the thing where a small number of dub/voice actors do a big amount of works (not sure what the correct phrase is).

Do you know how you know Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds, who is also Green Lantern? And how Steve Rogers is Chris Evans, who is also the Human Torch?


In México, given the big amount of things that are dubbed, pairs of characters often share the same Voice Actor, which sometimes is funny as the characters are very, Very different, like when:

Deadpool is James from Team Rocket and Captain America

Vocied by José Antonio Macías

or when Bruce Willis is both Hulk and Goku

Voiced by Mario Castañeda

or Ichigo Kurosaki is Krillin

Voiced by Eduardo Garza

And Vegeta is John Wick

Voiced by René García

...ok, maybe that last one do makes sense.

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