The Generation Of Feedback

This is how I learned the meaning of “Oh, Snap” and “BUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN”

Remember this scene? At the beginning of the current generation, Microsoft’s new console could have heavily restricted the use of pre-owned games (and by extension, ‘lent’ games). People complained. Sony answered with this scene on how this wouldn’t be a problem with them. Microsoft then rethought that strategy (among other ones).


Remember how Nintendo released the NES Classic Mini, and how fast the (relatively few) existing units went off the shelves? People complained. Nintendo apparently learned from their mistake when the SNES Classic Mini was released with more units, and then re-released more (after a while) of the NES.

Remember how Chrono Trigger was released on PC some months ago?.

It was not as good as what that game deserves. People complained. Square Enix listened and has (slowly) made it better.

The point I’m trying to make is, developers had had the technology to make changes to already released games for at least one generation, but it’s only now that we as consumers can make ourselves heard, and not only with our wallets, but with actual feedback.

Green and Red Shots Fired

Crossplay between all the current consoles could be the next thing that we can change. Sony not allowing it won’t impact their playerbase nearly as much as it would benefit Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s, but allowing it avoid the public sees Sony as the villain.


Until then let’s hope Phil Spencer and Shigeru Miyamoto make a remake of that GIF at the top.

What do you think? Will Sony allow Crossplay ever? I think it will.

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