The Masked Luchador Theme in Videogames

“El Santo” (“The Saint”) and “Blue Demon”

Past friday, the Lucha Libre was granted Intangible Cultural Heritage position at Mexico City.

This denomination, set forth by UNESCO, defines these as


This is better exemplified with how a lot of Masked Luchadores are (or are meant to be) Mexican (or ambiguously Latin American).

So, in celebration of this, let’s remember some instances of the Masked Luchador we’ve seen in Videogames:

Pikachu Libre

A.K.A. Masked Pikachu or Wrestler Pikachu, this female Pikachu first appeared on Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, as one of several “Cosplay” options. She has since appeared as an actual fighter in Pokken Tournament, and will (as an alternate Pikachu appearance) in the upcoming Super Smash Ultimate.


Juan Aguacate


Literally translated as “Juan Avocado”, the protagonist of Guacamelee. A humble and silent farmer that, long story short, is transformed into a powerful luchador in order to save the damsel in distress, in a Metroidvania-style game full of Gaming and Mexican references. He will return this August, because you can’t have Guacamelee without Avocado. Pun Intended.

El Fuerte


Literally translated as “The Strong [one]”, El Fuerte is a wrestler that is also (understandably) into cooking; whether his food is bad or it just too strong for international tastes, is to be determined. He has only appeared in Street Fighter IV so far.



Luchabull (ルチャブル) in Japanese, this Fighting (and Flying) type Pokemon couldn’t be more Mexican-looking; not only is a Masked bird of prey with the Green, White and Red of the Mexican Flag (which has a bird of prey as its coat of arms), but here also can see it in a very similar pose to the “traditional” pose of the Luchadores (one arm stretched forward, the other a little bit lower/to the back) that you can see in pretty much all the low-cost Lucha Libre figurines.




Apparently named just “Wrestler”, he appears on Wii’s Rhythm Heaven Megamix Ringside level. Likes to show off his muscles and pose for the fans.

Of course, there are a lot more Luchadores in Videogames, but I need to finish this post today. Which one did you remember?


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