The Only Think I Want For Smash Ultimate Is A Better Screenshot Mode

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Screenshot: Official Site

I have already written how do I feel about Photo Modes
(or the lack of thereof), and how it’s just fair for the creators that we have a way to better appreciate their work. So for this, I’ll focus on the history of the Screenshots in Smash Bros. and what I will like to have for the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Past

It all started with Super Smash Bros. for the N64. When we hit Pause, we were treated with a nifty way to see the 3D polygonal models of the pausing player/character, moving around them, and... that’s it. No way of saving it but by taking a picture of the screen (and it would be still a film, most likely, being 1999)

Almost 20 years ago. Two decades. Smash could legally drink now. Also the option to Reset the match
Screenshot: Smash Wiki

With Melee, things got a little better. Additionally to the camera improvements to the Pause screen (change between fighters, Zoom), the Special Camera Mode made possible to save screenshots for the posterity into the Memory Card... and that’s it. Not only they took several blocks to store each, but you would still need a camera in order to “Export” it. At least by now you might have a Digital one.

Don’t tell me that smile doesn’t remember you of Reggie
Screenshot: Know Your Meme

For Brawl, things keep getting (a little bit) better. We could save all the photos we wanted into an SD card... and that’s it. The files were saved as a .bin file that you could then decrypt into a .jpeg by using a 3rd party program. You usually got a very aliased, often squeezed (if playing in ‘widescreen’) and “tiny” (even by 2008 standards) 480p image. Still better than before, tho.


(As a parenthesis here, the old Zoom and Rotation/Orbit ranges from Melee seem to be also in use here, but these could be overridden by hacks, which is how I got Samus to look straight to the camera here:)  

Brawl Zero Suit Samus has the better face of all Smashes. FIGHT ME (in Smash)
Photo: Me

With Smash WiiU and 3DS versions we hit peak functionaltiy (so far): Screenshots are saved natively in the SD card in .jpg format in both platforms, and the 3DS even saves the 3D one in ‘standard’ stereoscopic .mpo files, and there are even some workarounds for getting these off the WiiU/3DS without going trough the hassle of extracting and inserting cards:

Actual 400x240 resolution of a 3ds
Screenshot: The Game Cavern

The Future

What we can expect from Ultimate, then? The Switch already has a solid and System-wide Screenshot functionality, and if the ‘Pause/Photo’ mode is as good as it was on WiiU, we can be at ease...

Cosplay is canon on the Fire Emblem universe
Screenshot: Official Site

But! It can be improved!

  • Please increase the Quality of the Screenshots
    This is not for Smash only, but please allow 1080p screenshots on supported games (like this) and don’t be so strict with the .jpg compression. Let Twitter and Facebook compress at will once we upload them there, but for local storage, please give us more quality. I’m already downloading dozens of GB in games, a slightly less compressed picture won’t matter that much.
  • How about implementing Filters like Super Mario Oddisey had?
    I know those features might be exclusive to whatever graphic engine SMO uses, but they look very cool! Please!
  • Could we have some way to fine-tunning the poses?
    I would like not having to resort to slow-motion modes and pause-luck to get the right shot. I know this might not be easy for the developers to implement in the final game, but seeing the official site’s screenshots and videos, I’m sure they already have a tool for it.
  • Can we have higher zoom levels?
    I would like to see Samus eyes from a little bit closer, and that watch tower stage from farther away. I know this would mean that the detail and work on all assets would need to be increased, but that’s been already partially done in SMO without too much issue. Also, I’m not asking about Boundary-Break-levels of zoom, but I’m not opposed to that.
  • Please allow full 360° camera rotation/orbiting.
    I would like to be able to see Samus face from all angles (see Wii’s screenshot up there). I’m also very aware that this would allow upskirt shots of the skirted characters, but that could be minimized by using the tights/leggings approach of Brawl’s Zelda and WiiU’s Lucina, or the “undies-so-big-that-there-are-practically-shorts-already” of Brawl’s Peach and WiiU’s Girl Villager. They’ll have to bite the bullet with Palutena, though, but they could say it’s a one-piece swimsuit, or whatever these things are called:

*Sighs!* That ended a lot wordier that I expected at first. What do you think? Are you ok with the current Snapshot options in Smash? Are my pleads too demanding?


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