Tiny Wholesome PSA: Thumbs Up IRL things

Good ‘ol Pete leading by example

Do you drive? Have you ever encountered a... person, that drives like an... irresponsible person? That cuts you off? That tailgates you? That doesn’t use turn signals? That doesn’t turn off their high beams?

Don’t be a d...river that drives badly

How do you usually react to that? I’ll assume you get angry, and maybe yell at that... person, or use your car’s mighty horn...

And that’s understandable! There is a small chance that these... people, don’t know what they did (which is still irresponsible but better that doing it on purpose) and need to be made aware of it. But there are... people, that just don’t care. And the worst part is that you’ll probably keep thinking about it at work, or school, or during dinner, thinking “I should’ve said this and that and...”

But what about the good drivers?

We remember more easily bad experiences, or things that made us mad, and people are more likely to leave a bad comment/review for a slightly bad service at a restaurant that to leave a good one for a mostly good service. So, while I think that we shouldn’t ‘reward’ people to do what is supposed to be done by default (e.g A “good service”), try this:


Every time you encounter a person that allows you to merge, that keeps a safe distance from your car, that uses correctly and timely their turn signals, that turns off their high beams... do a small gesture of appreciation, a ‘thumbs up’ (like, actually lift your thumb with your closed fist: 👍), or a small nod with your head, or say ‘nice!’.

Don’t be shy! You don’t even need that other person to actually notice that gesture, this act is mostly for you, so you remember that despite all these... bad drivers, there are good drivers that go unnoticed... until now.


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