Videogame Movies: Edge of Tomorrow

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You have a mission. You try to fulfill it, but then you die. You then try again, and you die again. You try and try until you finally succeed, because you have learned from your previous mistakes, and you knew how things were going to play.


I’m, of course, just summarizing the plot of Edge of Tomorrow...

Or am I?


A lot can be say of Videogame Movies, but Edge of Tomorrow is, for me, the movie that better depicts what a videogame feels like.

Of course, it’s not the first movie to do a “Groundhog Day” Loop kind of time travel plot, but... it just feels so videogamey... the emotions of almost making it; the desperation of having to do it all over again, and finally the tension of having only one life left...


10/10 would respawn again

What do you think? Do you consider “Live. Die. Repeat” a Videogame Movie? If so, do you think it’s a good one?


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