Why Microsoft Has Not A Switch-like device Yet?

With the Nintendo Switch, you have a gaming machine that you can carry around and, once you get home, you can drop* it in a dock and play in a Big Screen.

Why Microsoft has not be able to do something similar?

I don’t mean a portable XBOX, but a ultra-portable PC.

Microsoft has made some attempts with Windows 10 and Continuum, where you connect your phone to a hub and do things in a bigger monitor, but that didn’t work as flawlessly as the Switch.


Even Samsung, themselves being a big name in hardware, has tried without too much success

That Windows desktop is through a VDI, so technically cheating for our purposes

So, why we still don’t have a PC that we can carry on our pockets and just drop it* on a dock and continue ‘photoshoping some memes?

We already have “Full” PCs as Compute Sticks that just plug to an HDMI port (and external power). Is adding a screen and a battery that much of a hassle?


Maybe I am looking for a solution that doesn’t really has a problem? Portable hardware already exist (“laptops”) and a Switch-sized screen is not usually that useful for PC software (even if 720p is resolution enough) and if there is a need of a bigger screen, It only takes an HDMI cable...

And for tasks that do require intensive CPU power (like video rendering) one won’t usually be doing it on the go...


So, what do you think? Do you thing there are valid reasons for a Switch-like Microsoft Hardware? Do you picture yourself PC-ing the same way you play Switch?


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*Don’t actually drop it please

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